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Prevalence of Eimeria spp. in European broiler farms

Домашняя страница Знания Prevalence of Eimeria spp. in European broiler farms

Prevalence of Eimeria spp. in European broiler farms

Avian coccidiosis is one of the most important diseases affecting the intensive poultry industry worldwide. In spite of this few studies are available on the distribution of species in the field. In Europe, few field surveys of Eimeria species are available and even less have been conducted using samples from broiler farms. In this study, litter samples obtained in broiler farms from Spain, Belgium, Italy and France were evaluated for the presence of the Eimeria species.

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Pagès, M.; Dardi, M.; Rubio, J.

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Analysing the 3 species of Eimeria of known and high pathogenic potential (E. acervulina, E. maxima and Eimeria tenella) Eimeria acervulina has shown to be the most widespread in the four European countries examined. Species causing subclinical problems and affect productivity: E. mitis seems to be quite uncommon, whereas E. praecox showed to be present in all countries. Combinations of 3 species together were the most common especially: E. acervulina, E. tenella, and E. praecox. E. praecox was found to be highly associated with E. acervulina.

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