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4. Accurate & fast results

4. Accurate & fast results


The indirect ELISA kits for the detection and quantification of specific antibodies against Leishmania are a key tool for the diagnosis of canine Leishmaniasis.


Quick results and easy interpretation

Particularly, CIVTEST® CANIS LEISHMANIA diagnostic kit enables the accurate confirmation of antibodies against Leishmania in under 30 minutes.

In other words, it provides quick and easy results.

CIVTEST® SUIS CANIS LEISHMANIA provides quick and easy results.


As it has an excellent correlation with the reference technique IFI (indirect immunofluorescence), results can be expressed with antibody titres or with their corresponding IFI values.


Great sensitivity and specificity

Another remarkable features of this kit is the great sensitivity and specificity it provides in accordance with various published studies.   


Software for graphic interpretation


As an added value to all its diagnostic KITS, HIPRA has HIPRASoft software available for customers.

This software allows users to obtain data from an ELISA reader and interpret the results graphically. The software presents the results in plain language that is easy and understandable for users.





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