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Smart Vaccination for Swine

Discover how to control all the stages of the vaccination process with UNISTRAIN® PRRS, Hipradermic® and HIPRAlink®

Ana Sayfa Hayvan Sağlığı Hizmetlerimiz Smart Vaccination for Swine

Total traceability in vaccination processes

In this service, HIPRA incorporates cutting-edge and pioneering technology in the world of Animal Health, offering its customers total connectivity between the vaccine, farms and personnel (veterinarians and farmers) working there, completely automatically and in real time, representing a true step forward in veterinary medicine.

Smart Vaccination Package

In Swine, the HIPRA Smart Vaccination is spearheaded by our innovative vaccine UNISTRAIN® PRRS, the medical device Hipradermic®, and the professional veterinary app HIPRAlink®: