An innovative service based on data analysis that facilitates decision-making in Cattle.

動物健康 我們的服務 HIPRASTATS for CATTLE

Transforming data into competitive improvements

HIPRASTATS for CATTLE is a data analysis service that poultry companies can use to optimize their sanitary and production efficiency, thus improving the economic performance of their farms.

HIPRASTATS for Cattle helps companies identify areas for improvement in their production processes, as well as predict or simulate indexes that interest them.

Data analysis in cattle farming represents a clear competitive advantage by being able to formulate action plans and take preventive or corrective measures in an efficient manner.

These are some examples of studies conducted by the HIPRASTATS unit: 

Vaccine performance evaluation

  • Udder health:

The benefit of vaccination against breast pathogens (STARTVAC® and / or UBAC®) is evaluated.


  • Analysis of vaccines against BRD:

To evaluate the productive, economic and antibiotic consumption impact with the use of the HIPRA vaccines against BRSV (NASYM®) and Histophilus somni and Manheimia haemolytica (HIPRABOVIS® SOMNI LKT).



Customized analysis

  • Risk analysis study related to:

    Udder health

    This type of study allows the evaluation of all those parameters of management, facilities, vaccination ... that can affect the udder health.


    HIPRASTATS IBR helps our clients define the best strategy to reduce the prevalence of IBR. At the beginning, the biosecurity and the prevalence of IBR in the farm are evaluated, with this information improvement guidelines and personalized vaccination programs are established, monitoring over time and guaranteeing the producers the control of the pathology.


  • Increased efficiency in feedlots
  • Reduction in the consumption of antibiotics

  • Predictive models




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