What do you think about PRRS and Aujeszky’s combined vaccines in pregnant sows?

Answered by: Enric Marco   I   Published on: May 15, 2017

Taking into account that the vaccination of pregnant sows can cause, directly or indirectly, embryonic losses, abortions in late gestation, disorders related to estrus, etc. What do you think about the combination of the PRRS vaccine and Aujeszky’s vaccine in relation to its efficacy and the combination of two live viruses in a single application?

Associating different antigens in the same product should not be surprising since it is done continuously in humans and pets. The organism is prepared to respond to many different agents at the same time and to do so in the right way, in fact we are constantly exposed to many agents and our response is generally correct.

Limiting the number of interventions we make in pregnant sows is also a good practice since there is always a risk when we make any intervention during gestation. However, mixing two commercial products to perform a single intervention should not be done without first asking the manufacturers if there may be any incompatibility between the two products, either from the adjuvant or the antigen point of view.

In any case, it should not be forgotten that when interventions are made in pregnant sows, one of the risk factors for the gestation, it is the stress itself that can be generated during the intervention, and for this reason an intermediate solution can be to apply both vaccines on the same day, but at two different inoculation sites.

Confirmation that the products work properly can always be done through serology.


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