Respect for the environment

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Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment has always been part of our culture.

At HIPRA, we work to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment, applying measures of continuous improvement and sustainability.

Our production centres located in Amer (Girona, Spain), are currently certified under the ISO 14001 standard on environmental management systems.

Our main Environmental Policies are:

  • Strengthen environmental activities at all levels and activities of HIPRA Group companies.

  • Seek excellence for our products, production, logistics and analytical processes, with special emphasis on the initial design, and continuously assessing the environmental risks they may present.

  • Continuously improve our facilities, giving pre-eminence to criteria for prevention as opposed to correction.

  • Orient HIPRA Group actions towards reducing consumption of natural resources, raw materials and energy resources by adopting more sustainable practices.

  • Orient HIPRA Group activities towards reducing and minimising emissions into the atmosphere, and generation of discharges and waste, as well as any other environmental impact that may be generated.

  • Assume during daily activity the reduction, reuse, recycling and valuation of natural resources, as indivisible elements of HIPRA Group activity.

  • Incorporate the best available techniques to reduce any potential effects on the environment.

  • Comply with the demands of legal requirements applicable to our facilities and operations, as well as other environmental requirements to which HIPRA voluntarily subscribes.

  • Improve training and environmental awareness of all people involved in the activity of HIPRA Group companies and improve environmental communication with all stakeholders.

  • Integrate the sustainability variable into the design and development of new products, plans and projects for facilities and/or activities, or into the modification of existing ones.

  • Act to meet the needs of the current society without compromising future resources.