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Detect & Protect lands in Portugal with the "Bovine post mortem technique in 10 steps"


During the second week of September, more than 50 veterinarians participated in three theoretical-practical sessions with the theme "Necropsy in 10 steps: a new agile and intuitive method to carry out the diagnosis in field conditions" in Tomar. This event was organized by HIPRA Portugal's Ruminants team as part of the DETECT & PROTECT project.

The goal of this training was to provide veterinarians with tools to help them obtain the most accurate diagnosis possible in their daily work. An accurate diagnosis leads to better decision-making, increased efficiency, and the implementation of effective preventive measures.

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After a brief introduction to the agenda and the event's objectives by Gil Sena (BUM Ruminants and Swine), the attendees had the opportunity to interact with a panel of top speakers:

Marcelo de las Heras, a professor of pathological anatomy at the University of Zaragoza, presented a necropsy procedure in the field, focusing on the macroscopic observation of lesions in the respiratory system. This diagnostic method, when combined with clinical case descriptions and epidemiological studies of outbreaks, allows for the establishment of initial hypotheses about the etiology, which can be crucial for decision-making.

Hector Santo-Tomás, Corporate Franchise Manager, explained the goals of the DETECT & PROTECT project, used audiovisual materials to explain the 10-step necropsy technique, and discussed the most appropriate diagnostic methods for field situations, specifically for diagnosing the Bovine Respiratory Complex.

Deolinda Silva and João Bento, veterinarians from the Technical Services of Ruminants at HIPRA PORTUGAL, concluded the session by presenting three field cases on the use of NASYM and HIPRABOVIS® SOMNI LKT in dairy cows and feedlots. They showcased the results obtained in terms of efficacy, reduction in antibiotic use, and the economic benefits of vaccination.

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Customer feedback was extremely positive, with some veterinarians sharing photos of necropsies they performed in the field using the techniques they learned during the course in the following days.

detect and protect