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HIPRA takes a firm step towards human health with research and manufacture of a COVID-19 vaccine


Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa visited HIPRA and highlighted the potential of our innovative facilities for confronting this new stage

Health Minister Salvador Illa visited our headquarters last December 11th. 

After the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, as experts in vaccines for animal health, at HIPRA we have taken a firm step towards human health, where we know we can contribute by providing multiple solutions thanks to our experience and knowledge.

Illa visit

The visit arose as a result of the Health Minister’s interest in learning about the progress HIPRA is making towards human health. Apart from visiting the facilities, the minister met with company management to discuss projects focused on this new stage.

At HIPRA we are currently researching a new vaccine for Covid-19 by conducting two lines of research: one on our own and another in collaboration with the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona based on virus mRNA that guarantees long-term immunity.

We have a unique model and special know-how that positions us at the forefront, as we control all the phases of vaccine creation: from research and development to production and marketing.

Illa visit

We also have the necessary technology for developing vaccines for the fields of both animal health and human health. In this regard, Minister Illa highlighted the potential of these innovative facilities.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have made ourselves available to health authorities, carrying out various altruistic actions such as processing PCR tests for health centres.

In addition, our HIPRA Diagnos centre in Spain was accredited as a clinical analysis laboratory to provide services to health centres, occupational hazard prevention departments and companies. Minister Illa thanked HIPRA for its willingness since the start of the pandemic.