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HIPRA opts for eco-friendly packaging for all its monodose animal health vaccines

Крупный рогатый скот

The biotechnology company HIPRA, which focusses on prevention, has opted for eco-friendly packaging for all its monodose animal health vaccines, a pioneering initiative within the sector. These will be the first and only monodose vaccines with a virtually 100% reduction in their plastic. From now on, the packaging of HIPRADOG®, the vaccine range for dogs, ERAVAC® for rabbits and UBAC®, STARTVAC® and NASYM for ruminants will be made of cardboard obtained from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) woods, a certification that demonstrates environmentally sustainable management.


Eco-friendly packaging
Eco-friendly packaging

One of the most relevant features is that this substantially reduces the use of plastic by almost 100%. There are now only two remaining items of recyclable plastic that guarantee the security of the product from the time of production until it is used: the vial’s “flip-off” cap and the carton’s “tamper-evident” seal that ensures that there has been no interference with the product during transport. In this way, we facilitate the recycling of our products by using virtually no plastic.

This is an example of HIPRA’s commitment to the environment and to sustainable development, both in aspects relating to strategic processes and in the production, innovation and development of new products and systems, in order to respond to the challenges of present and future societies.