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Is it possible to develop a protective response through vaccination against the different variants of parvovirus?


Canine parvovirus type 2 (CPV-2) is a major threat to the health of dogs, especially puppies. Since the virus was first isolated, it has been evolving and different variants, known as CPV-2a, CPV-2b and CPV-2c, have been identified. The majority of commercially available vaccines are formulated with the original variant, CPV-2. Previous experimental studies have shown that the immune response generated by vaccination can have cross-reactivity and can generate protection between variants [1]. 

Despite this, the circulation of different variants is a cause for concern in the veterinary community. This study seeks to address these concerns, by assessing whether CPV-2 vaccines are able to generate a protective immune response against the different variants of the virus that have been described.

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