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SMART VACCINATION: A concept created by HIPRA. Demonstration at the XXVth Latin American Poultry Congress


The XXVth Latin American Poultry Congress took place from 26th to 29th September 2017 in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. With its success in terms of attendance, speakers and exhibitors, this meeting has become established as one of the most important on the American continent for the poultry industry.

The majority of the multinationals in the industry in terms of genetics, equipment, nutrition and health were present at the event

HIPRA participated in the scientific congress, which was notable for the large number of papers presented in all therapeutic areas of interest: coccidiosis, pneumovirus, salmonella and newcastle disease. In addition to scientific posters, Dr. Francisco Dias gave an oral presentation on the latest efficacy studies on the cloned CL79 strain contained in the HIPRAVIAR® CLON product.

The week started with a pre-event organized by HIPRA for its Mexican and Latin American clients at which it presented an overview of its preventive strategies against coccidiosis. Following a brief presentation of the company by Jesús Rubio, Manager of the Poultry Business Unit at HIPRA, Dr. Martina Dardi and Dr. Ana Mansilla, from HIPRA, gave an insight into the prevention of coccidiosis based on the use of vaccines, with special emphasis on the administration of these.

Dr. Angel Mosqueda participated in the session by offering a picture of the problem at the current time, its incidence in Mexican poultry production and his view of the different methods of prevention. His graphic contribution based on his professional experience was extremely noteworthy.


During the exhibition, the HIPRA stand was converted into a small demonstration and training centre. As at other events, HIPRA not only gave a display, but also took the opportunity to demonstrate some of its latest developments.

On this occasion, various sessions were held to explain the concept of SMART VACCINATION. Based on the use of a HIPRA vaccine equipped with an RFID chip (EVALON® - HIPRACOX®), a vaccination device (Hipraspray®) and software that is able to digitize and trace the vaccination process (HIPRALink), the concept was demonstrated in real sessions inside the stand’s showroom.

Various HIPRA UNIVERSITY courses were also held (training programmes on therapeutic areas of interest) that demonstrate in 30 minutes the type of training courses that are offered to HIPRA vaccine customers. In short, with all these initiatives HIPRA emphasizes its commitment to the poultry industry as the reference in prevention.