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Total coccidiosis control is possible with HIPRA


SMART VACCINATION was the hottest topic during the week of the XXth WVPA Congress held in Edinburgh from 4th to 8th September 2017 and where HIPRA was participating as one of the main sponsors.


SMART VACCINATION means the combination of 3 elements: a vaccine (EVALON® or HIPRACOX® vaccines against coccidiosis in poultry), an application device (Hipraspray®) and a system that links the hatchery with the farm (Hipralink®), thereby opening up a digital world of possibilities that starts with the traceability of the process itself.

The week started with a HIPRA event that focussed on total coccidiosis control by means of SMART VACCINATION. In the setting of the “Assembly Rooms”, and with the participation of 200 guests, a virtual tour was conducted, full of technological innovations.

The speakers at the event reviewed the key points of the problem of coccidiosis, the administration of vaccines and the company’s concept for improved precision, the innovation applied to its vaccination equipment (Hipraspray®) and its own vaccine products (Hipramune® T).

Hipralink® demonstrates the link between two essential elements -the hatchery and the farm- that are sometimes unconnected. In this way, we give transparency to the vaccination process.

The congress was officially opened in Edinburgh castle with a welcome party sponsored by HIPRA that marked the start of an intensive week of work with over 2,000 delegates from around the world.

During the congress, the HIPRA stand was converted into a stage for demonstrating the concept of SMART VACCINATION. The stand had a “showroom” equipped to carry out real vaccination sessions. During the week, over 300 guests were able to directly experience the system that was undoubtedly a key focus of attention at the convention centre (EICC).

HIPRA, in turn, participated in the scientific programme with the presentation of various communications dealing not only with coccidiosis, but also with some of the relevant therapeutic areas such as Pneumovirus and Gumboro disease.

Once again, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to the poultry industry as the reference in prevention for animal health.