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HIPRA VIETNAM organized the HIPRA University 'Last updates on coccidiosis control'


HIPRA VIETNAM successfully hosted an informative HIPRA University titled "Last Updates on Coccidiosis Control" on May 22nd and 23rd in Ho Chi Minh City and Bien Hoa City. The event brought together more than 100 veterinarians and farmers to discuss the latest updates on research findings, innovative treatment options, and effective prevention strategies for coccidiosis, a parasitic disease that poses a significant threat to poultry health and production.


Dr. Nguyen Lam Vu, Technical & Marketing Manager at HIPRA VIETNAM, opened the seminar with an insightful overview of the current state of coccidiosis control. He emphasized the importance of ongoing research and innovation in developing effective solutions to combat the disease.

Keynote speakers included Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Nam from Nong Lam University, who presented on the relationship between gut health and coccidiosis, followed by Dr. Joan Molist, HIPRA Global Product Manager, who shared information on the clinical signs and intestinal lesions caused by coccidiosis. The conference also featured a session on the Coccidiosis Control Program, where Dr. Myeong Seob Kim, HIPRA Regional Technical & Marketing Specialist, presented effective ways to control coccidiosis using vaccines.

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Attendees had the chance to engage with experts, ask questions, and share their experiences and challenges in managing coccidiosis.

With this event, HIPRA emphasized its dedication to providing the poultry sector with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure animal health and productivity.

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