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The European RBDCOV project innovates in scientific dissemination with ‘RBDCOV Talks', a podcast on vaccine clinical trials


‘RBDCOV Talks’ brings vaccine clinical research closer to the general audience through a podcast series with 10 scientists, clinicians, specialists and community advocates who are partners in the project.


With almost two years under its belt, the RBDCOV project, dedicated to the development of HIPRA’s BIMERVAX® vaccine against COVID-19 and financed by the European Union under the Horizon Europe programme, explores new dissemination channels through the production of its own podcast: ‘RBDCOV Talks’. The aim of this audio format, which has gained popularity in recent years, is to contribute to a greater public awareness of medical and scientific specialisation areas, such as clinical trials of vaccines, among others.

This initiative consists of a series of ten podcast episodes with the participation of clinical research teams, medicine professionals and community advocates, with the aim to facilitate access to technical knowledge for non-specialist groups. At the same time, ‘RBDCOV Talks’ informs the community about the current progress and results of ongoing clinical trials testing the efficacy, tolerability and safety of HIPRA's recombinant BIMERVAX® vaccine.


A ten-episode series to bring the vaccine clinical trial closer to the general public


The production of this podcast has been made possible thanks to the joint efforts of the consortium members, resulting in a podcast series of ten episodes, each lasting around 10 minutes. The podcast features researchers, scientists, doctors and other health professionals and community advocates from five European countries who have been actively participating in the different phases of the RBDCOV project.

The episodes cover a wide range of interesting topics: from the most basic aspects of clinical research— such as what a vaccine clinical trial is and what it consists of— to more complex topics, such as inclusion criteria and immunological memory. Each podcast episode delves into relevant aspects of clinical vaccine research and provides a comprehensive yet accessible knowledge of these topics.

The complete ‘RBDCOV Talks’ series are available in English on the three major podcast distribution platforms: Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcasts.