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EVANT® continues its expansion in Asia


Step by step, EVANT®, the oral spray vaccine against coccidiosis in short-cycle poultry, is achieving registration on more and more markets. Amongst the most recent of these are Pakistan and South Korea.


In Pakistan, launches took place in the major cities in the country: Islamabad, Faisalabad and Lahore. There were over 60 attendees present at each event, including the major chicken producers in the country and leading poultry veterinarians.

Dr. Malik Burhan Yousaf Latif (BUM Hipra Pakistan) gave a presentation on the prevalence of coccidiosis in Pakistan and the problems of resistance to anticoccidials experienced by the country. Dr. Shyong Wey Ong (RTMM Poultry) then gave an introduction to the key features of coccidiosis disease, and to the services offered by HIPRA in connection with its vaccines against coccidiosis.

Finally, Joan Molist (GPM Poultry), described the characteristics and benefits of EVANT®, as well as the experiences of producers throughout the world with this vaccine.


In South Korea, a launch took place in the city of Daejeon, with the participation of over 100 producers and veterinarians. Present was Prof. Won-Gi Min of Gyeongsang National University, who described the prevalence of coccidiosis in the country and the problems of resistance to anticoccidials experienced by the country.

Dr. Jun-Hyuk Jang (KAM at Hipra Korea) then gave a presentation on the benefits of EVANT® and the associated services provided by HIPRA. Finally, Joan Molist (GPM Poultry), related the experiences with EVANT® of other clients all over the world and the benefits that the use of this vaccine brings.


With these launches, HIPRA is reaffirmed as the reference in the control of coccidiosis in poultry farming, as well as continuing to back the continued reduction of the use of antimicrobials, thereby improving the intestinal health of the birds.