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HIPRA Stats for Swine

Transforming data into competitive improvements

HIPRA Stats for swine is a data analysis service that swine companies can use to optimize their sanitary and production efficiency, thus improving the economic performance of their farms.

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HIPRA Stats for swine helps companies identify areas for improvement in their production processes, as well as predict or simulate indexes that interest them.

Data analysis in swine farming represents a clear competitive advantage by being able to formulate action plans and take preventive or corrective measures in an efficient manner.

These are some examples of studies conducted by the HIPRA Stats unit:


Vaccine performance evaluation

  • PRRS vaccination analysis:

  • Comparison between vaccines:

Customized analysis

  • PRRS studies:

  • Productive analysis in piglets:
  • Other customized studies:

    • MDAtt: evaluation of piglet bedding quality through transmission of erysipelas antibodies from sows to piglets.

    • Reduced seizures in slaughterhouses.

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