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VEPURED® and RHINISENG®: The first swine vaccines of HIPRA JAPAN


The first week of August, and thanks to the relaxation of COVID 19 restrictions, HIPRA JAPAN has held a roadshow to present our vaccines against atrophic rhinitis and edema disease in face-to-face meetings with customers, vets and farmers.

swine vaccines japan

During this week, the HIPRA team visited several customers, including Summit Veterinary Services, the most important vet clinic in the country, and SKK, a corporation giving services such as laboratory and independent consultancy in Japan. Roundtables were organized to share information regarding the swine industries, both European and Japanese, and discuss the control of atrophic rhinitis and edema disease with the recently introduced vaccines.

Moreover, a full-day update training session was held to reinforce our team knowledge regarding these important swine vaccines.

HIPRA JAPAN, one of the newest HIPRA subsidiaries, was able to contribute to the Japanese swine sector and gain visibility as a global leader in prevention, “building immunity for a healthier world”.