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Pakistan is the stage for the first-ever HIPRA University Salmonella course in history


HIPRA Pakistan hosted the first-ever HIPRA University Salmonella course on May 10th and 11th at the facilities of Riphah University in Lahore. The objective of the course was to enhance customers' knowledge of Salmonellosis disease and improve their decision-making when formulating vaccination programmes.

Despite the challenging political circumstances surrounding the event, over 30 attendees participated in the theoretical and practical training sessions.

salmonella course hipra pakistan

During the two-day course, participants gained new insights into the aetiology, epidemiology, and prevalence of the disease in Pakistan. They also learned about the various lesions caused by this bacterium, methods of preventing the disease, and available tools for its prevention. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to perform necropsies on animals challenged with Salmonella Gallinarum and to collect relevant samples.

salmonella course

The course featured both external and internal trainers, including the renowned Professor AD Anjum, as well as Ong Shyong Wey (Regional Technical and Marketing Manager, HIPRA) and Santiago de Castro Verges (Global Product Manager, HIPRA).

salmonella course

With this event, HIPRA reaffirms its commitment to the ONE HEALTH initiative and its expertise in avian Salmonellosis prevention.