23. Prevention and control of the prevalence of Salmonella


How has HIPRA helped to fight Salmonellosis?

When we mention HIPRA, we speak of over 50 years of experience and is the reference in prevention in animal health.  Since the 90’s, HIPRA has furthered its commitment, not only to animal health, but also to human health.

Through its inactivated Salmonella vaccine, Avisan Secure, it not only provides protection to poultry, but also helps to ensure that poultry products, such as chicken and eggs, are produced free from Salmonella, delivering a final product that is safe and fit for consumption.

Thanks to Avisan Secure, the farmer is provided with a complete resource for the prevention and control of the prevalence of Salmonella. This tool protects the bird systemically, that is to say the intestinal wall and other organs of interest such as the ovary and oviduct where the vertical transmission of salmonella takes place.



In addition, Avisan Secure is the only inactivated Salmonella vaccine produced with a double emulsion of water in oil-in water, thanks to which post-vaccination reactions are reduced. This technology in turn allows the release of the antigen twice, thereby increasing the time that protection is provided against Salmonellae belonging to serogroups B and D.

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