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Identifying sea bass and sea bream pathologies in the mediterranean: prevention, diagnosis, and control


Aquaculture of sea bass and sea bream has been established in the Mediterranean for decades. Since then, these two species have faced various challenges, many of them related to health, which have posed, and continue to pose, significant challenges for their cultivation and sustainability.

At HIPRA, thanks to our continuous collaboration with our clients for over 20 years, we have developed a comprehensive and practical manual with information and images on the most common pathologies that can be found in sea bass and sea bream throughout the Mediterranean.

This manual, available in both digital and physical formats, offers aquaculture professionals an additional tool for diagnosing, preventing, and controlling the most common pathologies that currently affect these two valuable species.

Key features of the manual:

  • Early Diagnosis: Recognizing the importance of early diagnosis, it provides information on the initial signs of disease and offers methods for regularly assessing the health of fish.

  • Accurate Identification: It details the most common bacterial, viral, and parasitological pathologies in the Mediterranean, supported by high-quality images.

  • Prevention and Management: It suggests strategies to prevent the occurrence of these pathologies and provides practical guidelines for maintaining an optimal environment that minimizes the risk of diseases.

  • Effective Treatments: In case of infection, the manual presents the available treatments and their applications.

  • Multiple Languages: Available in English, Spanish, Greek, and Turkish.

  • Multiple Formats: It can be accessed in digital format on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, or in physical format for easy access.

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