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Comparison of live attenuated and live-non attenuated vaccines with regard to the safety of the administration of an overdose using the model of the european monograph in SPF chickens


Coccidiosis poses significant challenges in the broiler chicken industry. Live vaccines are commonly employed to control the disease. However, many authors and researchers quite frequently regard coccidiosis vaccination as a unique concept, without any differences between products. 

How ever, depending on the type of technology used to produce the Eimeria strains that they contain, these vaccines can be classified as wild-type (non-attenuated) vaccines and attenuated ones. Limited information is available on the safety of wild-type vaccines, especially compared to live attenuated ones. 

The aim of this study was to compare under experimental conditions the safety of an overdose (10X) of an attenuated by precociousness vaccine with non-attenuated coccidiosis vaccines available in certain countries.

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