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HIPRA launches immersion vaccination to boost Aquaculture in Brazil


In July the online event “IMUNIDADE E BEM ESTAR PARA PEIXES” organized by HIPRA was held via IFC TV to launch immersion vaccination on to the Brazilian aquaculture market.

Present at the event was Altemir Gregolin, Veterinarian and ex-Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture in Brazil, a very important player in the development and growth of Brazilian aquaculture.


A special guest was Marco Rozas, CEO and founder of the Pathovet laboratory, who gave a very clear explanation of the importance of immunology in aquaculture production and shared his extensive experience in the salmon sector, demonstrating the great potential of immunity applied to Tilapia farming. 

During the launch, HIPRA showed its support for this fish farming sector, making all its services and products accessible to everyone through its Diagnostics Infrastructure, R + D and Production in its Porto Alegre branch.

João Moutinho, Area Manager for Brazil, was the key figure in reaching trout and tilapia producers, not only in Brazil but in several other countries in Latin America and the rest of the world. Almost 900 people had registered for the event, showing a great deal of interest in this launch of immersion vaccination in Brazil.

Erik Díaz, Aqua Business Unit Manager, gave a presentation on HIPRA’s experience in this sector and its full potential, positioning the company as a cornerstone for the development of fish production in Brazil.

imunidade ebem estar

At the launch, Raúl Benito, Brand Manager of the Aqua unit, explained the technical and financial benefits of immersion vaccination, demonstrating the ease of administration of this type of vaccination and the importance for production of having juveniles protected against pathogens. This cost effectiveness means that immersion vaccination is just as important for the juveniles as good nutrition and good management are. 

The event was recorded and will be available on IFC TV’s channel for 30 days.

Through this event, HIPRA demonstrates its support for immunity for the prevention of diseases in the field of aquaculture, specifically in Brazil.