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HIPRA presents an alternative to conventional vaccination in Mexico


HIPRA participated some weeks ago in the 45th National Bovine Congress of Mexico, held in the city of Tlaxcala. The delegation, led by the Regional Director of the Americas, Dr. Rodrigo Paranhos, shared various field experiences and advancements in comprehensive vaccination programs with over 350 attendees. 


Héctor Santo Tomás, Corporate Franchise Manager, delivered a keynote session titled "Viral Immunization: How is it done in other parts of the world?" in which he explained alternatives for implementing immunization programs that facilitate the control of diseases such as BVD or IBR. Both of these viruses, when circulating in herds, result in a high cost to the producer, both in terms of clinical effects and subclinical effects on herd performance.   


During the talk, he shared various successful programs for disease control, utilizing different tools such as vaccines that include DIVA technology and associated diagnostic techniques. These techniques allow the differentiation between infected animals by field viruses and those vaccinated, providing an added value compared to conventional live viral vaccines that do not allow this differentiation. 

 The attending veterinarians showed genuine curiosity and interest in doing things differently to achieve positive results and improvements in health and production, similar to what has been achieved in Europe in recent years.