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HIPRA provides a 360º perspective on RHDV during workshops organized in Portugal


In May, HIPRA Portugal organized 4 workshops entitled: “360º perspective on RHDV”. Both rabbit breeders and clinical veterinarians were invited to participate in these workshops which focused on raising awareness of the fact that these rabbit diseases are found in both wild rabbits and in farmed and domestic rabbits.

The aim of this was to provide a 360º perspective on rabbit haemorrhagic disease.

The event was therefore conducted in 3 blocs. Firstly, Filipe Pinto (DVM, MSc), representative of HIPRA Portugal, started the workshops with an introduction and historical overview of rabbit haemorrhagic disease.

Joana Abrantes (PhD), researcher at BIOPOLIS-CIBIO-InBIO, then concentrated on setting out in detail how the disease affected wild rabbit populations, whilst José Manual Monteiro (DVM), veterinary consultant, offered a clinical perspective of the disease.



The workshop finished with a panel discussion which followed up on the most important aspects in greater depth.

With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to prevention in animal health and, specifically, rabbit haemorrhagic disease.