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HIPRA Turkey: 5th International Congress of Livestock Fertility and Udder Health


On 26th, 27th and 28th May, HIPRA sponsored (main sponsor) the 5th International Congress of Livestock Fertility and Udder Health, which was held at the Concord Luxury Resort in North Cyprus.

Over 500 professionals of the ruminant sector from all over the world attended the event.


In this event, HIPRA Turkey showed its commitment to the ruminant sector in Turkey and North Cyprus by providing new important tools for veterinarians and farmers to prevent and control some of the most important ruminant pathologies.

Bovine immunity: Making Immunology and Vaccinology come alive

HIPRA has published a book on Bovine Immunology that links this important discipline with the most practical aspects of cattle practice which are of interest to field veterinarians.

The book was compiled by 15 worldwide experts and covers topics related to disease areas (mastitis, gastrointestinal, respiratory and reproduction), to the main risk periods (neonatal calf, transition cow, immunesuperssion and stress, ...), and also covers the expected return of investment of preventon strategies by vaccination.


BRD pneumonia strategies-optimizing immunity

BRD and Immunity are two topics well connected in HIPRA´s Bovine Immunology book. During the session different angles of the relation in between immunity and the BRD-complex were highlighted including the role of vaccination

INMEVA: an innovative vaccine against abortions caused by Chlamydia abortus and Salmonella Abortusovis

An essential tool to control one of the most important problems found in sheep and goats farms.

For all attendees, HIPRA also brought the opportunity to share their experiences and have the chance to talk with recognized professionals with wide experience in different bovine, ovine and caprine pathologies.


HIPRA reaffirmed in Turkey their position as the reference company for helping professionals of cattle and small ruminant sector to achieve their goals.