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14. First Newcastle vaccine developed by HIPRA


Did you know that HIPRA developed its first Newcastle vaccine in the early 1970's?

Before 1970, although Doyle had demonstrated clearly and carefully that ND was a new virus disease of poultry (Doyle, 1927), there was considerable scepticism—with many putting forward the view that the disease was just another form of “fowl plague”.

The La Sota strain was developed in the mid 1940´s and in 1972, HIPRA´s first Newcastle vaccine was registered in Spain, HIPRAVIAR® S, a classical La Sota strain vaccine.

In 1976 HIPRA registered a monovalent inactivated vaccine, HIPRAVIAR® BPL2, in Spain.

HIPRAVIAR® CLON, the CL/79 strain, a La Sota cloned strain with low reaction, was developed in 1979 and was registered in Spain and many other countries in 1983.



The reason for the development of the HIPRAVIAR® CLON was because of customers need to reduce the negative reactions from the La Sota strain, but still have good protection.

During this period, HIPRAVIAR® CLON has been registered in more than 40 countries, has been present on every important market and increases its presence year by year.

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