Ongoing new developments in IN OVO VACCINATION at the WPVC by HIPRA


First introduced many years ago, in ovo vaccination is gaining ever more ground in the poultry industry. This type of vaccination has numerous benefits, but its success has been bolstered mainly by the automation of the process, cost reduction and optimisation of the immune response

Despite being a very well developed method, there are areas for improvement that could considerably enhance the advantages of in ovo vaccination and take this process to a whole new level.

‘SmartVac™: A new approach to in ovo vaccination and nutrition’

The unprecedented advances in in ovo technology that will enable this level to be reached will be discussed during the talk ‘SmartVac™: A new approach to in ovo vaccination and nutrition’ given by Bouke Hamminga under the umbrella of the World Poultry Virtual Congress by HIPRA.

During this virtual 4-day congress, participants will be able to attend presentations by prestigious experts from around the world, interact with each other and visit our interactive stands thanks to an exclusively created virtual 3D world.  

With this initiative, HIPRA once again reaffirms itself as a technology company, focussing more and more on online initiatives, and positioning itself as the reference company in prevention for the poultry industry.