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HIPRA hosts the first edition of the Swine Health Summit in Asia


The first edition of SWINE HEALTH SUMMIT was called “PRRS 360: beyond prevention” as PRRS is still one of the most challenging and costly diseases worldwide.

The two-day congress took place in Seoul, on March 12th and 13th and gathered over 120 professionals from the Asian swine industry.

The SWINE HEALTH SUMMIT served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities among attendees. The event brought together producers and technicians from different Asian countries with the aim of keeping them updated on the latest advances and improving their knowledge on PRRS control and the current situation of the Asian swine market.

Swine Health Summit 2024

The agenda covered interesting topics such as swine market trends and health challenges in Asian swine production, biosecurity, needle free vaccination, data analysis for decision making, gilt management and PRRS monitoring. A complete panel of speakers from Asia and Europe with the highest international reputation provided the most updated insights into each topic.

This first SWINE HEALTH SUMMIT marks the beginning of an exciting journey for HIPRA, because the summit will be annually, with plans to explore different topics every year.

This commitment to ongoing education and collaboration underscores HIPRA’s dedication to advancing the industry and empowering professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.

HIPRA remains dedicated to driving innovation, strengthening collaboration, and shaping the future of the swine industry worldwide.

Swine Health Summit 2024
Swine Health Summit 2024