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New Hipradermic® arrives in Taiwan


On September 20th, HIPRA Taiwan organized the annual PRRS event in Tainan which is the southern city of Taiwan. We took advantage of this opportunity to introduce the new Hipradermic® device in front of more than 160 attendees, mostly farmers in the area.

taiwan prrs control hipradermic

The event began with a welcome by Scott Cheng (Sales Manager HIPRA Taiwan), then we had the presence of Shane McAuliffe (livestock farmer and lecturer of Agricultural Sciences at the Munster University of Technology) who shared his extensive experience in the use of Hipradermic®, the importance of animal welfare in the pig sector, as well as an analysis of the main particularities of pig production in Ireland.

Alex Wu (RTMM Asia) explained the news of the new Hipradermic® , Salvador Romero (Global Product Manager) for his part, gave an update on the results of UNISTRAIN® PRRS ID and the advantages of needle-free vaccination.

Finally, Teresa Yu (TMM HIPRA Taiwan) summarized the main conclusions of the presentations.

prrs taiwan event

The event also included the participation of the local team who showed attendees how the device works, as well as the accessories available for a fast and consistent vaccination.

With this event HIPRA reaffirms its constant commitment to animal welfare, prevention and the provision of innovative solutions such as the possibility of vaccination without needles.

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