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Let's talk about Sow Mortality

Assessing prevalence of Clostridium novyi on Canadian sow farms


DeGroot, M.; Boix, O.; Ballarà, I.

This study assessed the serological prevalence of Clostridium novyi in breeding sows on Canadian Farms.

Sow mortality is a growing concern for pig farms in Canada. Many causes contribute to sow mortality including lameness, reproductive disorders, infection, and sudden death.

One pathogen that has been shown to be an infectious cause of sudden death is Clostridium novyiC. novyi is an opportunistic bacteria,
affecting sows that are metabolically stressed.

Most deaths due to C. novyi occur in late gestation or early lactation or in hot weather conditions, causing important economic losses for the farmers.
Although C. novyi is recognized as a cause of sudden death in sows, the prevalence of this pathogen in Canada has never been established.


Sow mortality has an economic impact on sow farms. There are multiple causes behind it, including sudden sow death due to C. novyi.

This study has established a baseline level for C. novyi prevalence of 62% on Canadian breeding farms with greater than 30% seroprevalence. This provides an indication that C. novyi is present on many Canadian sow farms and likely contributes to sow mortality.

Considering Quebec as a high density area, more samples should be taken in the future in order to establish a more accurate prevalence of
C.novyi in this region.

Based on these results, implementation of prevention measures such as vaccination program against C. novyi would be beneficial to reduce sow mortality.