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HIPRA at the IPVS 2022


It was a great pleasure to participate in the International Pig Veterinary Society Congress (IPVS 2022) in Rio de Janeiro. Our team was thrilled to be back to face-to-face events and networking with over 2,200 delegates from 55 countries who joined this international congress. 

Demo hipradermic IPVS

HIPRA participated as a “Premium Partner”. Our stand had an exclusive space for customers, sharing experiences and knowledge in intradermal vaccination with our HIPRADERMIC® 3.0 needle-free device and also presenting our new vaccine, SUISENG® DIFF/A, the first and only vaccine against C.difficile and C.perfringens type A,  that complements the vaccination plan against recurrent neonatal diarrhoea. 

HIPRA’s technical contribution to the IPVS 2022 consisted of the presentation of 38 posters and 7 Oral presentations in the Plenary Room of the congress.



oral press IPVS swine

Our participation in the IPVS was rounded off with two different private events focused on our innovative products and services, targeting our American and Asian guests. 

The next steps for the IPVS already have dates and places scheduled: Leipzig, Germany, in June 2024 and Bangkok, Thailand, in 2026. 

We would like to thank all our group of companions for their valuable contribution to helping us to make such a successful congress for HIPRA.