HIPRA starts September with a new programme for Quick Talks on Mastitis

Gia súc

During the first half of the year, over 900 individuals from all over the world attended the Quick Talks on Mastitis organised by HIPRA, an innovative format the aim of which was and is to offer training in a flexible manner to all milk professionals globally. 

This is why from 14 September next these sessions will be starting again with new speakers and subjects. 

Webinars: Quality training sessions in Mastitis Control

In this new phase, Rafael Ortega, HIPRA Technical Service in Latin America, will be giving pointers to a better understanding of the milking machine and its importance in the prevention of mastitis on the farm.  

Tom Greenham, Director in Advanced Milking Limited (UK), will focus attention on automatic milking systems or robots and will explain which are the keys to keeping the animals healthy as well as good quality milk in these milking systems that require particular attention.  

Finally, the Quick Talks on Mastitis will end the year by presenting the latest developments in the new policy for the reduction of the use of antibiotics that is to be implemented in Europe from February 2022. Malgoratza Cebula, legal advisor at HIPRA, will help to provide a better understanding of how this new law will affect farms.

All the information on the sessions, registration and access to the recorded sessions can be found at QUICK TALKS.

The Mastitis Quick Talks reaffirm HIPRA’s commitment to continuing training in the milk quality sector and its battle against mastitis that causes problems on the majority of farms around the world, causing considerable economic losses and affecting the welfare of our animals.