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Switch off the non-rational use of antibiotics

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Away of understanding the new EU Law

At HIPRA, we are convinced that the future lies in prevention, and we have always shown a strong commitment to global health. Taking the advantage of that, HIPRA opens the door to a practical way of understanding the new EU regulation 2019/06, which will start on January 28th 2022.

The main aim of our global and local actions will be to explain the new regulation and help navigate through new ways of work required by it. The regulation defines which currently applied practices won’t be allowed in order to reduce the antimicrobial resistance in both animals and humans. These uses will be considered out of the rational veterinary daily practice.

With this commitment, HIPRA is pleased to introduce “SWITCH OFF THE NON-RATIONAL USE OF ANTIBIOTICS”:


What is a non-rational use of antibiotics?


These non-rational practices are, in general terms and following the regulation , related to:

  • Compensate the lack of hygiene, non-adequate breeding, or the lack of animal care
  • Increase the animal growth or performance
  • The general use of antibiotics with a prophylactic proposes

In the coming months, different kind of activities, meetings and information will be shared with anyone who is interested in looking at this new situation in greater depth and also for those who want to find out about the available solutions to facilitate this change.



Why is it important to reduce the non-rational use of antibiotics?


The ability of microorganisms to resist antimicrobial treatments, especially antibiotics, has a direct impact on human and animal health and carries a heavy economic burden due to higher treatment costs and reduced productivity caused by sickness and, moreover, it also has an environmental impact.

For more information, please visit hipra.com to find out more about the solutions that the company can offer and "Veterinary medicines: regulatory information".