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Training session for Companion Animal veterinarians from CHINA


The Manager of the Companion Animals Business Unit at HIPRA, Lourdes Porquet, spoke about the immunological principals in the production of vaccines.


She also explained how vaccines help the immune system and about the tools that are necessary for the prevention of diseases.

Ms. Porquet also spoke about the methods of production of HIPRADOG®, the range of vaccines developed by HIPRA against several diseases such as canine parvovirus, leptospirosis, distemper, hepatitis, laryngotracheitis and tracheobronchitisHIPRADOG 7HIPRADOG PVHIPRADOG DP and HIPRADOG DHLP.

On the other hand, the Product Manager in the unit, Gonzalo Mas, spoke in detail about this range of vaccines and presented the most recent studies published about these vaccines at international congresses.


During their stay, the veterinarians also visited the HIPRA facilities, and the Veterinarian Hospital "Hospital Veterinario Canis", the reference centre in Girona, Spain.

During the visit to the clinic, Dr. Cristina Font gave a presentation on convulsions: the typesdiagnostic tests and treatment.

For his part, Dr. Jordi Cairó gave a presentation on the management, development and evolution of a veterinary hospital.

With the visit of this group of veterinarians for small animals from China, HIPRA strengthened its commitment to prevention for animal health and showed its support for professionals from the clinical veterinary sector for companion animals.