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We organised 7 webinars focussing on rabbit haemorrhagic disease type 2 (RHDV2)


Since the last quarter of 2020, HIPRA DEUTSCHLAND has organised 7 webinars focussing on rabbit haemorrhagic disease, specifically type 2, caused by RHDV2.

These online training sessions attracted a total of 120 professionals from small or exotic animal veterinary practices on the country.


The webinars were given by Sabrina Thomeczek, veterinarian and Category Manager at ReboPharm, and dealt with aspects such as the characterisation of the virus, the epidemiology of the disease, diagnosis and preventive solutions.

Among these solutions, Dr. Thomeczek emphasised on the benefits of vaccinating rabbits with ERAVAC, inactivated vaccine against rabbit haemorrhagic disease RHDV-2 new variant, when they are 30 days old.

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease type 2 is an endemic disease in Europe that affects young rabbits more than adults. It is therefore important to immunise rabbits when they are most susceptible to the disease.

During the month of February, HIPRA DEUTSCHLAND will continue to organise these webinars in order to keep training more professionals in the sector.

With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to Prevention in Animal Health and in rabbit haemorrhagic disease.