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Tackling Neonatal Diarrhoea Issue in Taiwan Pig Farms: Insights from HIPRA University


In a bid to address the pressing concerns surrounding neonatal diarrhoea in Taiwan's pig industry, HIPRA Taiwan convened a pivotal seminar on March 7th in Tainan City. Attended by nearly 200 industry experts and stakeholders, the event delved into crucial insights and strategies to mitigate this challenge.

neonatal diarrhea taiwan hipra university

Professor Lin Chao-Nan, who is from NPUST, emphasized the pivotal role of gut health in piglet development. His insights shed light on the intricate relationship between gut health and overall swine management, offering attendees actionable strategies for improvement.

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Andreas Birch, a veterinarian from Denmark, illuminated the audience with Danish practices aimed at optimizing weaned piglet performance. Drawing from Denmark's rich experience in pig management and technology. Andreas' presentation provided invaluable lessons for Taiwanese farmers seeking enhanced productivity.

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Irene Galé Ansó, Global Franchise Manager at HIPRA, elucidated on HIPRA's comprehensive solutions tailored to address neonatal diarrhoea challenges, helping the farmers improving pig production performance and maximizing profits.

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HIPRA University not only fostered knowledge exchange but also reinforced the collaborative spirit essential for overcoming industry hurdles.